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An Introduction [Trailer Transcription]

From Windsor, Ontario, my name’s Kierstyn Pare and this… is the Only In YQG Podcast. Your source for local shops, restaurants, latest news and events happening right here in Windsor-Essex county. As someone who was born and raised in Windsor I’ve spent my fair share of weekends sitting around trying to find something to do. SO, I’ve made it my mission to scout out all of the best places and events Windsor has to offer and share them with you so that you never have a dull moment. Now I know what you’re thinking… don’t we have blogs and the radio for that? Sure… local news websites and blogs give you the deets but let’s face it… there’s just not enough time in your busy day to sift through the fluff. So I’ve condensed all of the information into an audio format that’s under ten minutes and dished out twice a week. Whether you’re listening on your commute or while you get ready in the morning, this podcast will keep you informed. Think of it like a travel buddy in your pocket who will remind you to get out and explore your city. We’re launching April 6th and we hope you’ll try us out. Available for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify or anywhere you get your favourite podcasts. In the meantime, hit that subscribe/follow button and never miss an episode.

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