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Back to School – Local Shopping With an Eco Twist

We can say that this year will look very different for going back to school than any other year. Although this school year seems uncertain and unlike any other, we need to think of ways we can encourage social distancing and avoid the spread of COVID19.

Here are some local businesses that can help make it a bit easier while simultaneously helping to reduce waste and plastic on our planet (less trips to the garbage during school = less close contact, yay!).

Stitching Sunshine

Stitching Sunshine is a mother and daughter duo that use eco-friendly materials to create many handmade items. Those items include thing like scrunchies, reusable bowl covers, tote bags, dog bandannas, reusable cotton pads, utensil pouches and most importantly with back to school, masks. The masks that they create can be fitted to children and adults with behind the ear elastics or around the head. My husband was very happy to hear they do the around the head versions of masks as he has to wear his daily for work. They have many adorable fabrics to choose from and they are washable and therefore, reusable (Go eco!) Also, they recently just launched a back to school lunch kit and pencil case! You can get reusable snack and sandwich bags as well as a pencil case and some masks all from one local business! You can find their products on Instagram , or Facebook .

Beekeeper Food Wraps

Beekeeper Food Wraps was created by Eryn because she wanted to help people make small changes to their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly. She uses all natural ingredients that are local and her fabrics are from businesses owned by Canadian women. I own many of these beeswax wraps and they work amazingly. They keep my cheese, fruits and veggies fresh and the wrap sticks together so well. They are reusable, washable and are easy to use not just to wraps things up in your fridge but to bring things for lunch as well. I’ve used them to wrap up sandwiches and made small pouches to carry crackers. So if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to pack some back to school lunches, Beekeeper Food Wraps are a must. Take a peek at her website, Instagram or Facebook page. They are also sold in many local businesses around Windsor-Essex that can be found on her website under "stockists".

Green Envy

Green Envy is a local shop in Windsor. The store contains cruelty free, eco-friendly items and bulk refill options. I strive for a low waste lifestyle and walking into this store last summer was a dream come true. They have so many things that can help one create less waste and have a more sustainable life style. I have purchased many items from this store in order to help reduce my plastic use such as bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo/conditioner bars, and bulk laundry soap (with a refillable jar), For back to school, Green Envy have different containers and pouches that are reusable and washable along with bamboo cutlery, reusable straws and water bottles. Check out the website, Instagram and Facebook.

Pocket Squares Paper

I love notebooks. I love to write (obviously) and I always have a notebook nearby in case I need to jot something down. Pocket squares paper is a local business that make planners and notebooks with eco-friendly materials. So for those like me, who like to write everything down and to be organized especially during a crazy time like back to school, check out Pocket Squares Paper on their website, Instagram/ Facebook or even at Urban Art Market and Whiskeyjack Boutique.

Completely Carly

It seems this school year, every child will need their own set of materials to avoid sharing and to help with social distancing. Items from Completely Carly can help. She creates reusable on the go napkins, utensil holders, lip balm holders and even pencil/crayon rolls! The prints she uses to create these items are colourful and adorable! Check her out on social media and you can find some of her items being sold at Urban Art Market!

Feel confident sending your little ones back to school (if you decide – no judgements from us either way!) by purchasing through any of these local vendors! Good for your kids, good for the planet, good for YQG!


Written by: Angelica Blondin

Photos: used from each business' Instagram

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