Brewin' up a YQG storm! The best coffee blends in town

COVID-19 has inspired many of us to get creative at home, especially with our eating and drinking habits! For the Windsorites who continue to work from home or even spend more time at home to stay safe, staying caffeinated is a must. But how oh how would a Windsorite stay safely caffeinated at home? You brew up a storm in your kitchen! Here are our top four exclusive YQG coffee blends we recommend for the best local caffeine storm, made in the comfort of your home.


I LUV COFFEE - Papua New Guineau blend

I LUV COFFEE is one of Windsor's best kept secrets, and their Papua New Guineau blend is a crowd pleaser. For all you espresso based drink lovers out there, this one is for you. The rich dark chocolate based with the subtle sweetness of toffee-almond is definitely an earthy kick for your taste buds! Throw in some ice cubes and your favourite milk with a dash of a sweet creamer (my current favourite creamer is vanilla oat milk!) and you have yourself a GORD-umet iced latte, if we may say!

Chance Coffee - Heart Eyes blend

A mix of nuts, berries and chocolate in a steaming pot of COFFEE? Say no more, because we are going goo goo eyes for Chance Coffee's Heart Eyes blend. The rich flavours of berries paired with a variety of Brazilian nuts and chocolate create the perfect cup of adorned coffee, especially for those who need a pick me up throughout their working day at home. We recommend french pressing the love out of this blend and adding a dash of your preferred milk to your liking.

Gennaro's Signature Blend

Another YQG gem located in Little Italy is Gennaro's. An Italian cafe serving the city's finest gelato and espresso shots, we adore their Gennaro's Signature Espresso blend a latte! For the warm espresso based drinkers out there, a cappuccino made using the smoothness and rich velvety texture of this blend along with the intense caramel sweetness and aroma it brings, this is the right choice for anyone who loves a deeper intensity of flavourful espresso in their drinks.


One other favourite of ours from I LUV COFFEE is their custom blend, THE GORD. A medium roast with a chocolatey base, the striking part of this blend are the sweet hints of citrusy lemongrass notes that really elevate your taste buds to the next level. Drink it hot or iced, brewing this blend got us thinking, have you really bean to Windsor if you haven't had The Gord blend?

Have any other coffee blends you want us to try and espresso our opinions on? Leave us a comment below and one of our coffee addict team members will get in touch with you!

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