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Cookie Bar Opens Up on Pelissier

On November 7th, Cookie Bar opened up their store front in Downtown Windsor on Pelissier Street!

If you haven't heard, Cookie Bar is your one-stop-shop for some of the biggest cookies Windsor-Essex has to offer. Each of Cookie Bar's cookies are 1/4lb (aka a whole lot of ooey gooey goodness!).

"How Did They Get Here?!"

Early in January, Cookie Bar opened up their Instagram account hinting that something big was coming! They spent the next few months perfecting their recipes to get them just right. It wasn't until the beginning of April (the very early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic) that Anna & Brent decided they were going to offer a delivery service to bring their cookies to YOU! In just three days, they had to start cutting off orders because they had too many coming in. A nice problem to have if you ask us!

At the beginning of June, Cookie Bar was a vendor at Klueless Cupcakes on Wyandotte Street and they began selling their cookies out of their very first store! Flash forward to today, Cookie Bar has opened up their very own store right in the heart of Downtown Windsor!

Cookies to Keep Your Eyes (Mouth!) On

There are so many options to choose from – Yes Pe Can!, American Pie, Old Fashion, E=PBC (Squared), Ore-Woah, The 'Stache, Bonfire, Cookie Dough Birthday Cake, Nutella Stuffed, PJ Sammie, Batter Up!, Happy Happy Joy Joy and Fluffin Nuts! These quirky names are something you'll have to check out on their website to see what's inside! Can you take any guesses?

Our favourites so far are the PJ Sammie, Old Fashion and The Stache! But you'll have to try them for yourself.

Did we mention they have vegan options? Oh yes! At the beginning of August, the team tackled their vegan recipe and have brought their love of cookies to all of those who can eat them!

Oh! And one more thing – as if their cookies weren't amazing enough, they make cookie charcuterie boards. Yes way! Take a look below.

If you're looking for cookies (let's face it – we all are!) Cookie Bar is THE place to go. How do you find them?

You can order online at OR check out their new store front at 471 Pelissier St, Windsor! Tag us in your cookie photos so we can see which flavour you chose!  

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