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Drinks in the Wild, Anchors and A Wedding Fantasy

We’re starting this week off with some drinks that just taste better outdoors, a place where anchors keep you lifted and a wedding venue with the best kind of drinks.

If you haven’t guessed… this week’s all about sips! From beer and wine to coffee and tea, I’m dishing out some of the hottest places in Windsor-Essex to quench your thirst. Annnd what perfect timing too… I’m not really sure what that snow was last week but I think we’re officially in the clear and patio season is on it’s way – your own patio that is.

With every LCBO having a line up around the building and grocery stores becoming far too complicated with arrows telling you which direction to walk, there’s got to be another option to grab your favourite beverages.

When it comes to beer, we’ve got a few options here in YQG. The number of local breweries has risen tremendously in the last decade. So how do we know which one to choose from? If you’re anything like me, I want to know the backstory. I want to know what makes your beer and your brand different from the rest. Out in Kingsville, a local brewery has created a beer that is inspired by memories of hockey on a mirrored frozen lake, fishing at a secret spot only they knew of, and campfire dinners under a bed of stars. I’m sure some of those very Candian memories ring a bell to you. If you haven’t guessed who I’m talking about, it’s Kingsville Brewery. And they share that “while each beer is unique, they all should be paired with crisp open air and good company.” The beers at Kingsville brewery are meant to help you tell your own stories of memories you’ve had while sipping on one of their five kinds. Who’s to say that those memories can’t be made right in your own backyard? Desperate times call for delicious beers, right? Right now Kingsville brewery is offering free delivery in Windsor-Essex! Never had em? Buy their mixed pack and do your own at-home-tasting party.

Now, if beers aren’t your thing and you’re more of an “I’m on my 4th cup of coffee today” kinda person (yes, I’m talking to you!)… Anchor Coffee House has you covered. I’ve mentioned Anchor Coffee in a few of our weekend episodes but it’s about time they get a full showcase. Anchor Coffee has three locations – one in Walkerville on Lincoln, one on Huron Church and they just recently opened up a mini-shop at Devonshire Mall. I’ve spent my fair share of time at all of them and there’s many reasons I keep going back. From the coffee to the staff and the blueberry walnut scones, there aren’t very many other places I can spend 5-6 hours at and never get sick of it. Right now Rachel, Kyle and Ryan, the owners of Anchor, are doing a zero-contact delivery service with the ultimate delivery menu. Baked goods, bread, soup, dressings, London Fog and Chai latte concentrate and of course… coffee. The staff at anchor are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met and supporting them is a no brainer. Every chance they get, they support the local community and the community supports them back. When their storefronts re-open, make sure you pop in. In the meantime, order some delivery (I’m serious about the scones btw!) and experience the kindness of the Anchor crew through every interaction you have. Anchor helps keep your energy lifted throughout the day… kinda ironic right!?

Another place you have to keep on your radar is the Windsor Tea Emporium – your local source for all things tea in Windsor-Essex. From black tea to fruit tea to white tea to iced tea… Windsor Tea Emporium has you covered. But wait! It’s not just teas… they’ve got your tea accessories AND tea infused skin care and wellness products. A one stop shop for inner and outer health. Right now, they are having a 25% store wide sale with free shipping on orders over $60! A great way to support them while their storefront is closed during this time!

Now, where are my fellow wine-os at? Raise your hand and I’ll pretend I can see you! Just this past year, I took a tour of all of the wineries in Windsor-Essex county. Truly the best kind of tasting if you ask me. One of the wineries on our stop was Sprucewood Shores – an absolutely beautiful winery with an incredible view. I’ve been to Sprucewood Shores a few times before for weddings and let me tell you, the experience alone is incredible. I’ve included some photos on the blog so you can see for yourself. Whether you’re just looking to try their wine, explore the nature on their property or have a picnic (yes! They have those!)... you won’t leave disappointed. Right now, Sprucewood Shores is offering free delivery within Ontario with a minimum one case purchase or curbside pick-up is available. All orders can be places at but I’ve included this information in the blog so you have it.

I wanted to mention that Epic Wineries has a full list of all 13 wineries in Windsor-Essex and how you can order their wine during this difficult time. They’re calling it #WineOrderWednesday but it’s a truly great list for all of you wine lovers out there. I’ve included the link in the shownotes for this episode.

Before I sign off, Molson Canadian is urging you to have a #virtualhappyhour and raise a glass to your favourite local business! Simply gather your friends for a virtual group chat, raise your glass and take a screenshot. Share the photo with the hashtag #virtualhappyhour and tag your favourite local business as well as Molson Canadian. If you do this, they’ll send you a $25 gift card to the local business you’ve tagged! A great way to have fun and support that local business you love so much.

Annnnnd that is a wrap on this week’s #YQGRoots episode. You now have all of the information you need to quench your thirst this week!

I want to take a moment to shout out Bells8294 for their review on Apple Podcasts. They said, “This podcast is honestly awesome. The host always has great information and answers every question I could think to ask. Not only does the information on the city make finding places and supporting locals a lot easier, it also is a great way to bring in tourists and help them find their way around while getting them interested in trying out local food and businesses. Such a great idea!”

Honestly, your reviews remind me just how important this podcast is and I’m so grateful for everyone who takes the time to write one! Now go order your favourite beverages from a local business and enjoy the warm weather that’s on its way. Until Thursday, keep being amazing Windsor!


Written by: Kierstyn Pare, Host, Only In YQG Podcast

Photos taken by: Mackenzie Kelly

Photos of Sprucewood Shores Winery taken by: Ponds End Productions

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