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Five Things to Do For Free in YQG

Some of the best things in life are free… including things right here in Windsor-Essex County. This week’s blog post is all about 5 Things you Can Do in Windsor-Essex for FREE.

With talks about outdoor spaces opening up, it’s a no brainer that parks are one of the best things YQG has to offer. In every single Windsor-Essex County town or city, there’s a nature space (or TWO!) that you can enjoy for zero-dollars. We talked about all of the parks in one of our previous episodes but I want to dive back in a little bit because these spaces are seriously underrated. There’s nothing nicer than getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin… right in your hometown. I encourage you to get out (because now you can!) and give those parks some lovin. They’ve missed you too.

Another one of my personal favourite things to do for free is attend Farmer’s Markets. Now, you’re probably thinking… “but Kierstyn, markets aren’t technically free” and while that is true, there is never an obligation to buy something. There have been a few times I went to a farmer’s market to simply chat with some of the local business owners in YQG and hear about their stories. I am a sucker for some cronuts from Blak’s Bakery and flowers from local florists but the stories are what make these YQG small businesses so special. As of right now, the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market and Amherstburg’s Farmer’s Market are opening… but with some regulations. These farmer’s markets will be limited to selling farm produce and products only, will still have physical distancing measures in place and will also have hand washing stations. They are advocating a shop don’t stop” policy for now so this isn’t technically a place to hang out. With that being said, once measures start further opening up, add a farmer’s market to your list of things to tackle this summer.

Now, if you haven’t been to Boblo island yet, you’re missing out on some of Amherstburg’s most popular heritage. Boblo island is an abandoned amusement park which operated from 1898 until its closure on September 30, 1993. Currently they are building homes over on the island but there are plenty of walking trails you can take as well as a beach you can enjoy some nice sun on. Not to mention there is an island restaurant with some incredibly delicious food. Sometimes in YQG, we feel that there aren’t a lot of walking trails but believe me when I say… you’ve just gotta look a little harder. In order to get over to the island, you have to take the ferry which does have a fee but it’s well worth it and you don’t have to spend an additional dime once you’re there.

OH and speaking of islands… Peche island is another one on my list of places to visit this summer. I went there once before for an adventure paddle with Urban Surf and honestly, once we got there… it was like a hidden oasis. My first thought… “places like this exist in Windsor-Essex?!” Yes. Yes they do. Just gotta be willing to hunt for them. Hopefully this podcast will help with that.

If riding a bike is your jam, take a bike ride at Pelee Island. The last time we talked about parks in one of our episodes, we talked about Pelee Island and my hope is that you’ve been there at least once before… if not, you’ll want to make sure you do. It’s a perfect place to get some exercise and also enjoy nature a little bit. OH, and the tip of point pelee really is something you have to see at least once. At least…

The other great thing about YQG (amongst literally everything) is the fact that there are SO many trails you can bike, walk or run on. Just take to google maps and do a little search. Odds are you have one at least 15 minutes away from you!

The last thing FREE thing I’m going to share with you that you can do in YQG is walk the riverfront. It might sound like a no-brainer to you but our waterfront is one of the most distinguished and beautiful things Windsor-Essex has to offer. The waterfront is home to our sculpture garden which has 31 internationally recognized works of art and also has a few parks. You can walk down by the river, enjoy a nice picnic or just sit down there in your car and listen to some music. I’ve done all of the above and it’s such a great experience.

A lot of things today cost money but I think we forget about the things you can do in life that don’t cost anything at all but in return make you so much richer - in happiness, love and joy. These activities right here in YQG give you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy everything our area has to offer.

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