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I Can Eat That: A Guide to Windsor Allergy Friendly Restaurants

Often times if you have allergies going to restaurants can be a daunting task. Not only do you feel worried about the potential for food to be mixed with your allergies, but you might also be worried the flavour won't be there. For the purpose of this post we are focusing on nut, dairy, and gluten allergies. Most of these options are also shellfish free. Well let's get to it! Here are some of the amazing Windsor restaurants that offer different types of delicious and allergy friendly foods.

1. Let's start with a fast food option. How often have you been on the go and really wanted something that was dairy free, nut free, gluten free, and/or meat free? Well this is where our first option comes in! Globally Local is a vegan fast food restaurant that just opened at 13458 Tecumseh Rd. E, Windsor, Ontario. Now this restaurant is totally dairy free, and meat free because they are vegan. Upon asking about gluten free options there are a lot of options to choose from. The owner mentioned that their "most popular vegan meals are (their) Mac & Cheese and Pulled Jack. (They) have other options that can be made gluten free by taking gluten free toast instead of buns. The hash browns, ice cream and shakes are also all gluten free."

Now one other allergy that Globally Local is able to accommodate in their restaurant is nuts. Upon asking and doing a search of their menu they are nut free. Now what about people who really want some meat, but now they don't have that option? Well here is the answer from the owner about why everyone can enjoy Globally Local;

"What makesGlobally Local so great is that the menu is so broad that there is something for everyone and it's

affordable for a family meal. Everything is also made byGlobally Local so we are confident in the quality of the ingredients."

For this allergy friendly option it is also important to note that they are worried about the health of the planet. "I I want to do my part to create a more vegan world for the benefit of the animals but also for the environment and people's health."

2. Next on the list is Riso Kitchen. Riso kitchen is 100% gluten free and offers an incredible selection of foods that people who can't have gluten often miss out on. They are located at 33 Amy Croft Rd.Tecumseh, ON N9K 1C7, and some of their offerings include pizza, sandwiches, garlic bread and so much more! You have the option to build your own pizza or select one of their delicious and unique options. One option that is unique is the Caribbean pizza, which is close to a Hawaiian pizza but also includes caramelized onions and spicy sausage. Another incredible option from Riso Kitchen is that they do have dairy free cheese as an option. So maybe you are dairy free and gluten free like me and haven't had pizza from a restaurant in five years. Well now all of your allergy safe pizza dreams can come true!

3. Here is a fun option if you are feeling adventurous! India 47, located at 1640 Lesperance Rd, Windsor, ON N8N 1Y3, has a passion for great food, drinks and community. They serve up favourites such as butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and much more. They also offer unique dishes I haven't seen before such as butter chicken buffalo wings and butter chicken poutine. Now the cool thing with India 47 is that they offer all of the incredible flavours of Indian cuisine, while also offering many allergy friendly options. They offer gluten free and dairy free options on their menu, and I highly recommend trying their Chana Masala for a gluten free and dairy free option, or if you are looking for something gluten free definitely try their chicken tikka masala. If you have any other questions about allergies India 47 asks that you tell your server and they can further help you find some delicious options. Their allergy options are stated very clearly on their menu, so you don't have t guess what foods you might encounter.

4. If you are looking for a delicious allergy friendly breakfast check out Stacks, located at 1950 Lauzon Rd Unit 70 Windsor, ON, Canada. Now they do say that they can't guarantee that your meal will be allergen free, but they do take great care in preparing your food. Stacks is not a restaurant just for food allergies, so they have a lot of options. They have a vegan menu, which is great if you can't have dairy. They also have a gluten free breakfast menu that is totally drool worthy! They have gluten free options like banana bread pancakes, and dairy free options like carrot cake pancakes. I definitely recommend checking out stacks, especially as the weather begins to turn to fall. Nothing screams fall more than ordering a fresh stack of dairy free apple pie pancakes.

5. One other incredible option is Healthy Mama! Healthy Mama is located at 152 Lesperance Road, Windsor, Ontario, N8N 1W1, and offers delicious food and a retail store! They are a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, but as my dad (a meat lover) can attest, it's delicious! They are also transparent with their other allergens when and if they are present. They list their items that contain allergens, but for the most part the only allergen that is noticeable on their website is nuts. They also have their retail store in an online format so that you can shop anytime you would like. Not only do they have food options, but they also have cleaning supplies and their own products from their kitchen.

There are so many options in YQG that are delicious and allergy friendly. There are so many allergies out there, so the best thing to do is always communicate with your server what your allergies are. So next time you want to support local, have something delicious, and know that your food allergies can be accommodated try one of these delicious options!

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