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Local Pottery to Keep You Warm This Fall & Winter

Fall is here! What goes with fall? Pumpkin spice!! And what do you need to drink that delicious warm liquid? A mug of course! To me, fall and winter is the perfect time to wrap up in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and relax with a good book. Why not pair that comforting drink with a beautiful handmade local mug?

For this post, I will be telling you about some pottery makers in the Windsor-Essex area.

River Rock Pottery

First I will tell you about River Rock Pottery by Trish MacDonald and when you check them out on Instagram, you will see the beautiful work that is put into each item. She doesn’t only create mugs but platters, plates, pots, baby dishes, cookie platters, bowls and more. With so many different designs put into her creations, there’s a mug for everyone. I’ve seen moons, hearts, pumpkins, horses, mugs for dads, mugs for moms and my favourite, trees (yes, I’m a nature lover). She will work with you to do custom work as well. Her creations can be found at Urban Art Market in Walkerville.

Four Eleven Pottery

Now if glittery and gothic looking mugs are your thing, Four Eleven Pottery by Lindsay Marr is your go to. There are mugs that are dark and glittery that make it seem like you are drinking liquid from a galaxy far far away. Lindsay also creates tumblers, planters, bowls and cups that have many intrinsic colours and details. Custom mugs are also something she can do. To a character from your favourite movie, a picture of a beloved pet or even a business logo, she has you covered. Take a look at her website and see Lindsay’s amazing work for yourself.

Amy Farkas Small Batch Ceramics

Amy Farkas makes small batch ceramic that include planters, spouted bowls, ashtrays, tumblers, trays, phone amplifiers, cups and of course, mugs. The beautiful work Amy does with her pottery is not one you want to miss. Many of her pieces are done with a modern and sophisticated look that will bring lightness to your day with each sip. You can find her work at Whiskey Jack Boutique, Urban Art Market (both are in Walkerville) and at Emerson Supply Co. in Essex.

Now grab some local coffee beans from Red Lantern Coffee Co, some of Gord’s hot Chocolate or chai latte mix from I Luv Coffee Roasters, or even some loose leaf tea from Windsor Team Emporium and enjoy it with your new handmade local mug.


Written by: Angelica Blondin

Photos: Used from business' Facebook pages.

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