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Making Working Out Worth It

Have you ever wanted to workout, but feel like you weren't working out? Or maybe you just didn't know where to go or how to start? Well I have been there! I have tested out some unique and fun workouts at different prices, so that you can sit back, relax, and save the sweating for the activities you want to do.


Malden Park and The LaSalle Trails

Trails are always a great way to get outside. You can walk, run, or even create your own workout using what's around. Last weekend I met up with a friend and here was our impromptu workout on the trails that I hope you enjoy. Feel free to mix this workout up or add in your own activities based on what's around and what inspires you. Trails are free and open all year round.


-1 Mile walk to run


-50 M lunge walk

-2x log flips for 10 M (We found dead log and flipped that, and then returned it)

-3x10 reps of jumping up onto a log

-3x6 reps of hanging from a tree branch leg lifts

-2x15 reps of pushups with feet on a log

-2x15 tricep dips on a log

-20 burpees over a log

-2x Malden Hill (1 jog, 1 sprint)


-Easy Stretching


City of Windsor Recreation

The City of Windsor has an amazing selection of activities you can do for a low price per class. I will admit that I have never done any recreation classes in Windsor, but I mean who wouldn't want to learn Karate for around $5 a class. There is a huge selection of activities for adults and kids. The city offers yoga, tai chi, dance, and so much more all for around $5 dollars a class. So if you need a little more structure in your activities, as well as variety, look into one of the Windsor recreation classes. You can stay fit, and learn something new at the same time.


Windsor Circus School

Back in March when the pandemic hit and gyms closed I was looking for ways to stay fit without having the gym available. I stumbled upon Windsor Circus School and got really excited. They had classes for strength, contortion, and so much more. One of the biggest draws to signing up was that there were classes on how to do a handstand. Now for the best part! Windsor Circus School is a physical building, but during the pandemic and still to this point in time they have a huge variety of online classes, and an archive of all of the classes they have done. I can confidently say that you will be sore after your first few workout, but it really pays off in the long run. The cost is $15 a month for access to their live online classes as well as the archive of online classes. There are other options if you want to go into the physical Windsor Circus School, but then the price ranges from $35-$99 a month. I have enjoyed being able to learn something new, while staying active from the comfort of my own home.

$15-$30 per Session

Rock Climbing

For the final unique fitness activity I suggest rock climbing. You get a full body workout, while having fun. Rock climbing is a physical and mental challenge so if you are ready for both of those definitely try this out. Also, if you are competitive, go with someone in your bubble and see who is the fastest climber. There are two places to go in Windsor and it really depends on what you are comfortable with. I love supporting local and heading over to Windsor Rock Gym. This type of climbing is called bouldering. The walls aren't as high and you climb without a harness. You can climb the wall any way you like, but professional climbers try to stick to one specific coloured path, and see if they can make it up. If you fall there are really big mats underneath that make for a soft landing. A day pass for Windsor Rock Gym is $15. With Covid right now they are only open to members, but if you want to support them you can buy online gift cards to help them out and to get yourself ready for when they are open again.

The other place you can go rock climbing in Windsor is at Clip n' Climb. This type of climbing involves a harness and the walls are higher. At Clip n' Climb you will find unique walls, such as a wall made of inflatable bouncy house tubes, one where the feet holders spin when you step up, and even one that is pitch black in a tunnel but the places to hold onto light up. This type of climbing is super fun, and if you like to have the safety of the harness this one may be more for you. At Clip n' Climb you can climb for an hour for $30. They did increase their pricing due to lowering the number of people allowed to climb at once.

I hope with the activities above you can find something you might like to try . Above are just some ideas, but there are so many to enjoy in Windsor. I hope you can stay active, enjoy some time inside, and outside, and have a great week!

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