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Top Places in YQG to Give You Some COVID Relief

This week is all about mandatory masks, patios and Windsor… still not in Phase Two. It’s safe to say some of our local businesses are NOT happy and rightfully so…

Last week we launched another amazing giveaway to help give Windsorites some COVID relief. We partnered with five incredible local businesses and managed to donate $100 so far to Black Lives Matter organizations. It’s not even Christmas but this is the season of giving, friends.

Before we dive into today’s blog post, here are a few things you missed last week:

  • The Ontario government has released its safety plan for the resumption of class for the 2020-21 school year. In short, school boards are expected to prepare for three different scenarios come September:

  • One – Normal school day routine with enhanced public health protocols – Students going to school every day, in classes that reflect standard class size regulations.

  • Two – Modified school day routine – Maintaining a limit of 15 or fewer students in a classroom which would require alternate day or week delivery to a segment of the class at one time

  • Three – At home learning – Should the school closure be extended, or some parents choose not to send their child back to school, school boards need to be prepared to offer remote education.

  • As of today, masks are now mandatory in commercial spaces. Luckily one of the businesses in today’s episode will help you with that.

  • Next week, the annual Carousel of Nations is going digital bringing you Carousel @ Home. On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 the Multicultural Council will host their first-ever social media-based celebration of local culture, showcasing many of the wonderful traditions of the cultures here in Windsor-Essex. The event will be streamed simultaneously on Facebook and Twitch, and will be hosted by Carrousel of the Nations Chair and Multicultural Council President Allison Johnson. Ethnic communities in Windsor-Essex will share music and dance performances, cooking demonstrations, and traditional presentations unique to their cultures. Carrousel@Home has also partnered with both participating villages and local restaurants to promote their delivery, curbside, and take-out services during our event.

  • Ontario’s Drive Test centres will reopen today but services will be based on your date of birth.

Now that we’ve covered what you missed last week, let’s dive into some of the businesses we’re featuring this week.

Over the course of COVID19, there’s been one particular business that has helped us keep our creativity flowing and that’s Sketch Art Workshop. You see… Sketch isn’t like a regular art workshop… it’s a cool workshop. A place where you can truly let your creative side run wild. Sketch has popped open at Urban Surf this summer and you can let your creativity run wild right on site. Dani, the owner of Sketch, is an incredibly rad woman and she’ll make her place feel like your second home. PLUS, you can get a smoothie bowl while you’re doing pottery or painting – THE perfect opportunity to zen out. If you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ll be.

Speaking of zen, Elevate Health Boutique is your go to place for holistic wellness. Their mission is to facilitate tactile approaches for physical, spiritual and emotional betterment to our community and beyond. At Elevate you can take advantage of there many services - massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, hair removal, fascial stretch therapy, lash extensions and social work. Whatever you’re looking for, you can most likely find it at Elevate. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jessica the owner of Elevate and I’m telling you right now, she knows how to make you feel like family the moment you walk through the door. Her team’s holistic understanding of wellness embodies what it means to be healthy in today’s world. Their menu of services was designed to help you in recovering physically, becoming emotionally inspired and spiritually motivated, while offering tangible methods to heighten your overall health. Add this one to your list AND follow them on social media to gain some tips on how to best take care of your body. I’ve linked them in the show notes.

Now that we’ve covered some spiritual and physical health, let’s talk brownies – to uh, help with your emotional health. The Dessert Company is Windsor-Essex’s online bakery with one aim, to deliver sweet treats to your door. No joke. We’re talking Campfire S’mores Brownies, Cookies n Cream Brownies, Peanut Butter Brownies and more. If brownies aren’t your thing… fret not. They’ve got a whole line of Blondies – Unicorn, White Chocolate Raspberry, Maple Bacon… yes bacon. Do I have you drooling yet? If you don’t believe me, I’ve included a link to their online shop in the blog for this episode. Take a look for yourself and before you know it, you’ll have something in your cart… no judgements here friend. My cart’s full.

Now, what do you get when you mix plants and jewelry? The answer is every woman’s dream. This Green House, an online botanical shop mixed with a little bit of jewelry, is your go-to. It’s no question that plants are a hot item these days – people are planting them outside while also putting them in their homes. This Greenhouse has you covered. PLUS, there’s some really cute jewelry she sources too. You can find This Greenhouse inside Emerson Supply Co in Downtown Essex. A pair of Stacy’s lemon earrings appeared in last week’s giveaway! Did you check her out yet?

Lastly, today I want to talk about Stitching Sunshine - a mother-daughter duo trying to bring a little more sunshine to the world through reuseable, handmade and eco-friendly items. I had the pleasure of working with this little shop on their branding and watching their launch unfold has been truly incredible. If you’re looking for scrunchies, facemasks, utensil roll-ups or make-up pads… all for an affordable price, Stitching Sunshine is your go to shop. Just last month they raised $900 for Chrons and Colitis Canada and $300 for the NAACP. I’m telling you right now, this business brings the sunshine with their products and big hearts. PLUS if you’re looking for masks now that they are mandatory – Stitching Sunshine is your go-to.

Before I wrap up, this is a reminder that on Saturday June 27th there is a community-wide Windsor-Essex Food Drive happening. Did you know that over 400 people go to food banks across Windsor-Essex every day and a total of 30557 visits between March 16th and June 3rd. Place a non-perishable food item on your porch at 12pm and volunteers will come pick them up. Let’s make the June 27th Miracle a true success!

Annnnd that is a wrap on this week’s episode of Only in YQG – as things start to open up, reminder to stay safe, be kind and always stand up for what’s right. Until next week, keep fighting the good fight Windsorites.


Written by: Kierstyn Pare, Host

Photos by: Each individual business' instagram

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