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Remember to wash your hands! Support local soap makers.

As much as we are washing our hands right now with Covid, back to school and flu season coming up, we need good soap that won’t dry out our skin and cause cracked itchy skin. That being said, there are lots of local soap makers here in Windsor Essex-County that create products that can help. I will tell you about three that I love and have used myself.

Ocean Bottom Soap Company

Ocean Bottom Soap Company was created by Charmaine because she wanted her family to be healthier. This hand crafted soap is plant-based, chemical-free, and all natural ingredients are used. The Ocean Bottom Soap Company tries to acquire these natural ingredients from farmers who follow sustainable agriculture principles and who practice fair trade. These soaps are not only great for your skin but also for the environment as there are no use of harsh chemicals that can be washed away into our water systems.

I have been in their store and have used their soaps. I can say from experience that the scents (which are from essential or botanical oils) are amazing. From mixed scents of lavender, mint, sandlewood, ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, lemon and so many more,there is a scent for everyone.

Ocean Bottoms soaps will lather and moisturize leaving your skin feeling smooth, clean and smelling oh so good. If you have dry skin, dermatitis or even eczema, these soaps can help. There is also many other bath and body items created and sold by Ocean Bottom such as bath bombs, lotion bars, lip balms, facial masks, scrubs and more. Drop in their store and grab some amazing products to take home. Make it a spa day!


Another soap I have tried that was hand crafted by a local maker is Faerhaven soaps. Their soaps are sold at ShopEco and they are wonderful. These bars are made without chemical preservatives and are all natural. She has simple bars but also beautiful artisan soap that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also leaves your skin soft and smelling amazing.

There is a Farehaven soap for everyone! For your baby, your dog (yes, even the fur babies!), the floral enthusiast, the coffee fanatic, the pumpkin lover, and even the beer drinker. She uses local craft beer to create lathery soaps and great scents. I have bought a few for my husband and he enjoyed the scent and how it made his skin feel. So you can stop in and grab a six pack …. of soap. (haha? Anyways…

The creator of Faerhaven also makes facial bars, heel balms, deodorant, lip balms, hand lotions, essential oil blends and even candles. So while you’re at ShopEco to buy some soap, take a look around, maybe buy a candle or some essential oils. Spoil yourself!

Sud Therapy

The last local soap maker I will tell you about on this post is Sud Therapy. I was gifted a bar of Sud Therapy soap and now I check them out whenever I go to Urban Art Market (now the Local Maker in Kinsgville) to see which one I want to try next. These bars of soap leave your skin feeling great and the bar itself will last you forever. You will not find any artificial colours and fragrances or harmful chemicals in these bars. The list of ingredients can be found on the back on the packaging which are simple and easy to read with all natural ingredients.

Sud Therapy also makes felted soaps which helps with exfoliation in a gentle way. You know those soaps you’ve gotten at big box stores that say exfoliating but really just feel like you’re using sand paper on your poor skin leaving it red and feeling raw? Try felted soap. You can thank me later. Not to mention the colours of the wool wrapping the bars are beautiful and will look great on one of your soap dishes (also available from Sud Therapy).

The creator, Eva, also makes body butters, lotions and lip balms. Take a peek at their social media or drop into The Local Maker and grab some soap!

The Local Maker (formerly known as Urban Art Market in Kingsville) opens September 9th at a new local in downtown Kingsville! While your buying some soap, check out all the other amazing products created by local makers and grab a sweet treat next door at the Kings Bakeshop! The milkshakes are so good, just saying...

Remember, shop local and don't forget to wash your hands!


Written by: Angelica Blondin

Photos: Each photo was used from each business' Facebook.

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