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Which Beer You Should Drink Based on Your Personality Type

Love beer? Check below to see if your personality matches your favourite beer type!

Never tried craft beer? Pair these up with your traits and see if you’d make a happy couple.

*bolded font = beer flavour profile

APA (American Pale Ale): You’re still pretty bitter about something that happened 5 years ago…but not so bitter that you’d “make it a thing.”

APA in the YQG: Isolation Nation – Sandwich Brewing

Amber Ale: Ou, a toasty winter babe who’s always down for a blanket and a cozy snug.

Amber in the YQG: Kicka Ginger Amber Ale – Banded Goose Brewing Co.

IPA (India Pale Ale): Crikey! I’ve spotted an herbaceous forager in the wild! Quick, catch her and find out if she’s piney or citrusy!

IPA in the YQG: Geronimo IPA – Walkerville Brewery

Stout: Tall, dark, and possibly roasting in a turtleneck? Get this hipster some dark chocolate and black coffee already.

Stout in the YQG: Shoots & Ski Stout – GL Heritage Brewing Co.

Porter: She wouldn’t say she’s “death metal”; she’s more like a tattooed dad BBQing some smoky porkchops.

Porter in the YQG: Turbulent Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – Craft Heads

Wheat Beer or Hefeweizen: Floaty but not flakey. You’re neutral and live to please the masses.

Hefeweizen in the YQG: Hefeweizen – Kingsville Brewery

Sour: She tastes like endless summer, and you’ll want to love her forever, but after a few tart nights, you’re ready to move on to something more serious.

Sour in the YQG: Farmerettes Peach Sour – The Grove Brew House

Blonde Ale: You’re easy! You’re smooth! You wouldn’t say no to an adventure, but you’re also not going to initiate anything.

Blonde in the YQG: River Town – Lot 10 Brewery

Cream Ale: Oh, so you’re one of those sweet and creamy heartthrobs that knows how to keep things light, but then keeps us on the hook, aren’t you?

Cream in the YQG: Cincinnati Cream Ale – Chapter Two Brewing

Lager: Always on “island time” and seems to have non-stop beachy waves and crisp and clean skin. We hate to love AND love to hate people like you.

Lager in the YQG: 42ND Parallel Lager – Cured Craft Brewing Co.

Did I get it? Not even close? Hey, I tried! There are so many types of beers, so maybe I just didn’t pick yours this time. So grab a flight, some friends, and figure out your own beer personality type. Any excuse to drink up, amirite?

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