YQG WKNDS: April 9th - 12th

This is the YQG WKNDS segment of Only In YQG where we talk about all of the things happening in Windsor-Essex this upcoming weekend.

Now with COVID19, social distancing and quarantining, I’ve seen a lot of people bored with no idea what to do. o, every Thursday over the next few months, I’m going to share some ways you can support local businesses and keep yourself preoccupied on the weekends when you’re spending a lot of time by yourself.

Let’s dive in:

The first thing you can do is work on creating your YQG Bucketlist. There’s no better time than now to start making a list of all the things you’re going to want to do or see when this whole social distancing thing is over. It can be in your phone, in a notebook, on your computer, wherever you’d like. About a year ago I made a list of places and things that I wanted to try in Windsor-Essex. Everything from greenhouses to rockclimbing walls to food trucks. Over the past year I've been slowly ticking things off that list. I guess that's kinda how this podcast got started. As a way for me to document the journey of exploring these places and sharing them with you so you can explore and experience them too!

The second thing you can do is order takeout. What used to be referred to as wasting your money is now being considered as “stimulating the local economy” and “a hometown hero”. So take it while you can! Here are a few places you might want to consider ordering from this weekend.

  1. Anchor Coffee House – is a locally owned cafe and bakeshop… annd also one of my favourite places to have a london fog and do some work. Anchor is currently closed due to COVID19 however they have a spectacular delivery menu filled with everything from coffee, mugs and baked goods to London Fog and Chai Latte concentrate that you can make from home. PLUS, if you purchase a t-shirt, 100% of the proceeds go directly to their staff. The contact information for placing a delivery order is in the shownotes of this episode and will also be included in our blog post. Start your mornings with a cup of something anchor made and you’ll never want to start it another way ever again.

  2. Beacon Ale House in Amherstburg is open for take out on Good Friday so that you can get your fish and chips fix! A great opportunity to get your fish fix while supporting a local business.

  3. Kingsville Brewery wants to bring beers to you! If you’re looking for a nice drink to pair with your other takeout this weekend, consider grabbing a case of beers from Kingsville Brewey! A lot of our local breweries are doing delivery so find one closest to you! Oh… and always drink responsibly!

  4. As we get into the warmer weather, how about grabbing some frozen yogurt? Nuccelli’s in Amherstburg is offering the 12 and 24 packs of their frozen yogurt for pickup on Saturday! The order form is included in the show notes!

So now that you’ve figured out your take out, another thing you can do is pick up some beautiful plants from Colasantis or Anna’s Flowers. Both have a curb side pick up option! This weekend every year, Easter weekend, is generally a weekend where families start thinking about what gardening they want to do. As the weather warms up, consider purchasing your plants from a local flower shop. I’ve had my eyes on some really cute cacti from Colasanti’s and some seeds from Anna’s Flowers. Will this be the year I start a garden? WHO KNOWS!?

Now it would be a tad crazy if I didn’t mention Easter happening this weekend… although lately I’ve had a hard time knowing what day of the week it is… anyone else?! There’s no question that this year, Easter is going to be a bit of a challenging time for most. What is usually classified as a time that brings people together, we’re having to spend time apart. While this isn’t going to end us, there are ways we can support local even when preparing for smaller, maybe even solo Easter festivities. I urge you this year to purchase your Easter dinner and supplies from a local grocery store – Remarks, Fred’s Farm Fresh, Little Foot Foods, Lee & Maria’s, The Cheese Bar, Demarco’s Fine Foods. These are the grocery stores that are relying on your support during this difficult time.

Annnnnd lastly, please stay home this weekend. Have Easter virtually. It’s not ideal but definitely necessary. Here are a few things you can do together, remotely.

  • Play games online. Did you know they actually have Cards Against Humanity online?!

  • Use Netflix Party to watch Netflix together.

  • Go for a walk or bike ride

  • Do some spring cleaning

  • Get your garden ready with some seeds from Anna’s Flowers like me!

That is a wrap on this very first YQG WKNDS segment! I'll be back Monday for another episode featuring some incredible businesses you'll want to add to that YQG bucketlist!

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