YQG WKNDS: April 16th - 19th

Welcome to the YQG WKNDS segment of Only In YQG. I don’t know about you but weekdays are turning into weekends and I’m still struggling to figure out what day it is. I’m pretty sure that these podcast episodes are the only things keeping me on track. Just in case you forgot, today is Thursday!

The more and more people I talk to, they tell me they are going stir crazy being cooped up inside but I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it is not against the law to go outside – to enjoy nature a little bit.

I have to admit that one of my favourite things about Windsor-Essex is our parks. As someone who has lived in Toronto, you really learn to appreciate grass and wide open spaces that Windsor has to offer. So this weekend I urge you to get out and explore one of the many parks that our area has to offer. Here are some parks/trails you might want to consider visiting this weekend:

LaSalle - Malden Park, Brunet Park

Windsor - Devonwood Conservation Area

Essex - Chrysler Canada Greenway (42 km)

Kingsville - Same as above

Leamington - Hillman Marsh

Amherstburg - Navy Yard Park

Lakeshore - Ganatchio Trail

If you google trails in Windsor-Essex, you’d be amazed to find a ton of trails you can walk on. Keep in mind though that the 2 meter social distancing rule still applies and if you can, wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

If you’re not feeling like leaving your neighbourhood, that’s totally okay. Why not just step outside your back door or go for a walk around the block? It wasn’t until I actually did this myself that I realized… wow, Kierstyn… you really haven’t gotten out of your desk chair very much have you?

Once you’ve gotten some fresh air and moved your body, maybe you’ll try making some sourdough bread. That is the trend these days isn’t it? Or even just baking/cooking in general… the amount of rice krispies, muffins, pasta dishes… I’ve seen online. Holy smokes, it’s safe to say I’m coming out of this quarantine a pant size larger. Regardless of what you decide to cook or bake, make sure you’re sourcing your ingredients from a local grocer as mentioned on last week’s YQG WKNDS episode.

If cooking and baking isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for a way to get creative, Dani from Sketch Art Workshop (you know… the art shop we talked about in Monday’s episode *winks*) has posted a ton of fun follow-along draw with me tutorials on her Instagram page. Draw some flowers, hanging plants or even a pineapple. That’s honestly probably how I’ll spend my weekend.

Lastly, if you’re feeling like you need a little retail therapy and you’ve just got your income tax back, don’t you think you deserve to treat yourself? There are a lot of local shops that are offering online ordering.

Novembers Eve Jewelry has some incredibly cute stud earrings that I’ll be ordering next week.

Wolf And Rebel has the cutest hand stamped keychains with some awesome sayings on them. I’m ordering the one that says, Humankind. Be Both.

Our friends at Anchor Coffee House are selling coffee to-go mugs and t-shirts. Proceeds from the t-shirts are going directly to their staff.

Shop Eco is offering free delivery in Windsor-Essex county and they are selling all of their store items including candles, soaps, lotions, deodorants and more.

These are just a few of the places where you can purchase goods online and either pick-up or get delivery. I’ve included all of the links in the show notes for this episode and the blog so you can check out just how amazing they are.

And that is a wrap on this YQG WKNDS episode of the ONLY IN YQG podcast. I gotta say, YQG WKNDS are the best kinda weekends. But I’m a little biased.

If you or anyone you know wants to be featured on the podcast or our page, send me a DM on Instagram @onlyinyqg or through email at onlyinyqg@gmail.com. There’s definitely enough love to go around.

I wanna close off this episode by highlighting one of the reviews we received on iTunes. Sierra Parr from the Lemon Soul Podcast says, “A must listen for anyone in the Windsor-Area and for those visiting. Kierstyn does a top-notch job of creating the perfect Windsor “to-do” list! You will never have the excuse that you have nothing to do after listening to this podcast. Such a love for local support, couldn’t be happier to have this right at my finger tips!” Honestly, hearing things like this make me so happy because this is the exact reason I started this podcast. Sierra is a fellow podcaster herself and if you haven’t heard of the Lemon Soul podcast, go ahead and listen to it right after this. Heart wrenching convos and feel good motivation and advice from fellow Windsorites.

Before I sign off, reminder that Plant Joy is giving a 10% discount on giftcards to all listeners of the Only In YQG podcast using code ROSECITY. And don’t forget to check out the calendar on our website for all updated events! Until Monday, keep rocking Windsor!

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