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Zero-Judgement Comfort Food

Welcome to another week of social distancing, sourdough bread and puzzles? My guess is that throughout this quarantine, you’ve either learned to bake something new, ordered takeout more than ever before or completely ditched that "diet" you started on January 1st. You’ve got no judgement coming from me, friend! I’ve done all three.

This episode of the Only In YQG podcast is all about zero-judgement comfort food that you can find right here in Windsor-Essex county. Because let’s face it, food is a comfort, especially during times like these.

I wanna start this episode off by talking about a new place I found just last week. I should preface this with the fact that I have a huge sweet tooth. Candy, cookies, pastries, cakes, ice cream… you name it, I’ve probably got it in my cupboard or fridge. With my lack of interest in baking, I started scoping out some places that did delivery and could curb my sweets craving.

Cookie Bar to the rescue! Brent and Anna, the owners of Cookie Bar in Windsor have one goal in mind – to share their love of beer, cookies and the outdoors with our community here. Originally Cookie bar was going to launch at the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market but with COVID-19 shifting plans a bit, they’ve decided to offer delivery so that you can experience the magic that is their cookies. Trust me when I tell you this… these cookies are easily the best things I’ve ever eaten. I placed an order for a variety of 6 cookies including – Old Fashion Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Bun, Smores, Caramel Coffee, Trix and my personal favourite PJ Sammie. And get this… each cookie is 1/4 lb. Like what?! Right now, Cookie bar is doing deliveries twice a week on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. The comfort food of all comfort foods.

Now, if cookies aren’t your jam and you’re more of a cake kinda person, King’s Bakeshop in Kingsville is where you need to get your comfort food this quarantine season. King’s offers more than just cakes but their main focus is on cakes for any occasion. They even created a quarantine cake… with new flavours every week. AND for only $10.99. I’m not even joking… they serve 4-6 people (or one if you’re feeling ambitious!) King’s Bakeshop was even featured in Martha Weddings 2019! Although the actual bakeshop is closed, King’s is offering delivery in Kingsville and Pick-up orders as well. Full details on how this works are on their website and I’ve included them in the show notes as well as the blog for this episode. Once they re-open, you’ve got to check out the store inside… it’s super cute and it’ll do a great job of testing your willpower!

So you’re sitting here thinking… okay, Kierstyn. Cookies and cake really aren’t my thing, where can I get some pie? Fear not, our friends over at Riverside Pie Cafe are your go-to when it comes to getting your pie fix. Although they are not currently open during this time, Riverside Pie Cafe is one of those places you’ll want to add to your YQG bucket list. Riverside Pie Cafe was created to offer the neighborhood of Olde Riverside fresh baked sweet and savoury pies, scones, tarts, & cookies but it’s extended far beyond that to the point where people from all over Windsor-Essex make the trek to get their sweet fix in. It’s their mandate to serve our community here in the YQG, support our farmers, and provide for you the freshest regional offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for some banana creme, coconut cream, lemon custard, chocolate chess, apple crumble or cherry pie… you can be sure that these pies will leave you wanting more! Which is good because their flavours definitely don’t end there. A business that curbs my sweet tooth while also supporting other local businesses?! Now that’s something I can get behind.

Annnnnd lastly, as we hone in on the warmer weather… it is coming right? Because this snow is killing my plants from Anna’s Flower Shop. Anyways, I wanna talk about some ice cream. As someone who’s lactose intolerant, I miss ice cream A LOT and every single time I see people talking about this one specific ice cream place, I would get a little bit butt hurt that I couldn’t try it. BUT THEN I LEARNED THEY HAVE VEGAN SOFT SERVE. Walkerville Chill is a chiminey cake and creamery shop. They are currently closed but on your bucketlist this one goes. Located on Wyandotte, this ice cream shop is a must-try!

Annnnd that is a wrap on this sugar infused episode of the Only In YQG podcast! If you’re consuming a bit more comfort food during this time, that’s a-ok. The world is a weird place right now and both stress and anxiety can be high. If having a couple cookies makes you feel a bit better, let yourself have em. There is zero-judgment coming from me!

I wanna take a moment to say thank you to Alley who left a review on iTunes. She says, “The Only In YQG podcast encompasses the vibe here in Windsor-Essex. All of the shops and locations that our host takes us to are completely unique to Windsor. Windsor is filled with amazing local businesses and I love that they are finally getting their time in the spotlight. Kierstyn seeks out the hidden gems that we don’t know about - or maybe we haven’t frequented in a while - and it’s fantastic to have a reminder of where we can go to show our local support. Even through COVID-19, she remainds positive and uplifting in her promotions of local businesses. I love that I know the perfect sports to support through this, and long after this is done. I love the length of the podcast too. Short, sweet.”

Alley hit the nail right on the head here. Only In YQG aims to give those local businesses a little bit more love because without them, Windsor-Essex just wouldn’t be the same. If you know of a business that needs a feature on the podcast or you are a business that would like to be in the spotlight, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram or e-mail us at

Before I sign off, this is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of the 10% off gift from Plant Joy on all giftcards over $20. Jordynne’s doughnuts are the perfect way to end off this episode because well… doughnuts. If you head to her website which has been linked in the shownotes, you can use code ROSECITY for 10% off giftcards. Send one to a friend or gift one to yourself… again no judgement… so you can support Jordynne during this time while also giving the gift of the best vegan doughnuts on earth.

Annnnd that is a wrap on this episode of Only In YQG. I’m about to go order myself a quarantine cake and I hope you give yourself permission to indulge a bit too. Until next week, keep being amazing Windsor-Essex!


Written by: Kierstyn Pare, Host, Only In YQG Podcast

Photos taken by: Mackenzie Kelly

or pulled from Cookie Bar + King's Bakeshop + Riverside Pie Cafe's Instagram Accounts

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